Our History


The Sublime Hub is a community of Entrepreneurs, social innovators and freelancers committed to learning, collaboration, sharing of resources and harnessing opportunities for business growth and social impact.

Our community comprise of business owners and business professionals such as Lawyers, accountants and tax consultants. We believe entrepreneurship can be simple; our goal is to ensure that members have access to learning resources, information, mentorship and opportunities for business growth and social impact.

We believe connecting with the right people is the best way to grow and find new opportunities; so we set out to build a supportive enterprise community.

The Sublime Hub is connecting Entrepreneurs with the knowledge, support, programs, mentors and investors they require to succeed.


Our mission is to accelerate business growth and social impact through a structured, positive and professional program that facilitates learning, sharing resources, referrals, collaboration, education, funding and mentorship.

Our philosophy is T E A M – Together each achieves more. At the Sublime hub, we are more than just a collection of people; we produce a synergy and create a profitable outcome that benefits individual members.

Message from the Founder


We advise you, you call the right decision!


“This is a community of amazing people. You are in the right place. Want to grow your business? Want to make impact in society? Are you creating any solution to a problem? Join a supportive community that will help you make it happen. We aggregate our intelligence/ resources to tackle common problems, harness opportunities and create wealth. Together is better”

  • Enite Young Odebala, Lawyer and Founder of the Sublime Hub



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